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Retail managers have a tough time maintaining a safe, clean environment, especially in a Covid-19 world. The high traffic of people poses leaves customers and staff alike vulnerable to many health risks if proper cross-contamination and infection control procedures are not adhered to. You could try and do this yourself but why add the stress on top of all the other duties you have?

We’re here to help.

We can provide a number of services to suit your needs

  • Detailed cleaning services after the store is closed.
  • Maintence cleaning of the commercial premise once a week to everyday maintenance.
  • Rapid response Cleaning – in emergencies or a covid-19 outbreak.

We use qualified cleaners with expertise in the use of cross-contamination prevention and infection control procedures.

We have robust quality assurance software so you can be confident we’ll deliver consistent results.

We use industry-specific equipment, machinery, PPE, chemicals, and disinfectants to ensure we protect you and your people.

We Can Handle Any Space

We offer professional cleaning services to businesses of all scales & sizes:

Restaurants / Barbershops / Pharmacies / Strip Malls & Commercial Centres – You name it, we can clean it.

We Provide A Little Extra When You Need It

  • Covid cleaning & disinfection services
  • Tile & grout cleaning services
  • Sanitary bin waste removal
  • Carpet extraction services
  • Window cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • And more

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