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Why Office Cleaning Matters

A regular office cleaning is essential, not only is it important for impressing clients and staff productivity but it’s vital for maintaining a safe workplace.

1. Safety

The greatest risk to your workspace are pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Pathogens pose a serious risk to the safety of staff and clients alike. Highly infectious pathogens like Covid-19 are easily transmitted from person to person and require strict cleaning schedules and infection control guidelines in place to ensure the safety of all.

2. An Unclean Office Costs You Money

The more vulnerable staff are to pathogens the more likely they will get sick and have to take days off. Cleaning isn’t just about safety if not properly and professionally conducted can cost the business financially put stress on those employees left to carry the load.

An unclean and unhealthy office has also been found by research to be strongly related to staff productivity. This essentially means staff do less work in an unclean workspace, costing the business money.

3. Clients Judge Your Work Space

First impressions matter and the cleanliness of your workspace are one of the first impressions your clients have of you, your business, and your capabilities. It’s vital if you want them to think you are professional, organized, and will look after them to first professional clean, organize and look after the office they visit.

That’s Where We Come In

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to cleaning and with 100 other things you have to do, why add this to the list. Let us take the load and rest assured you’ve made the right choice.

Here’s why:

Our cleaners are experts inducted in the use of P.P.E, equipment, chemicals, and machinery specific for your cleaning needs

We have public liability insurance

You get your own account manager – just one friendly person to call for all your cleaning needs

We implement infection control guidelines to protect your staff and clients

We have quality assurance systems in place to provide consistent results

We also provide additional services when you need a little extra:

  • Sanitary Bin Disinfecting & Replacing
  • Carpet Cleaning & Extraction
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Covid Cleaning
  • Deep Floor Cleaning

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