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The Problem Every Medical Centre Faces

From general practices to dentists, patients only want to visit a medical office they feel is safe and professional. The challenge all medical offices face is how to protect their patients and present a professional office space that reflects the quality and professionalism of their practice to their patients.

We can help you do both.

Protecting Your People Starts With Cleaning

Especially in the Covid-19 era, it is especially important to have safeguards for you, your staff, and your patients. Protecting your patients and staff starts with a comprehensive cleaning schedule, the correct PPE, cleaning equipment, chemicals, a trained cleaner with an eye for detail, and the quality assurance process to ensure high standards are met. Your average cleaner is not equipped for the job and can leave your people and patients in a dangerous environment.

We understand the need for a consistently hygienic environment. And work closely with centre managers and administrators to ensure that our cleaning services are delivered with the utmost care.

Impressing Your Patients Starts With A Clean Office

First impressions matter. No matter how high the quality of services you provide, if the reception is dirty and offices unkempt your patients will be thinking twice about returning. We operate using a comprehensive scope of works, checklists, auditing software and cleaners with an eye for detail. We also know how to clean and present your space in such a way that it is psychologically pleasing to the human brain so you can be confident we will deliver a service that leaves you satisfied and your patients impressed.

Why Choose Us?

We utilize quality assurance systems in combination with a comprehensive cleaning schedule to deliver excellent cleaning standards consistently.

We have years of experience in infection control, disinfection practices, and cross-contamination prevention.

Our cleaning is in accordance with government guidelines to ensure the safety of you, your patients, and your staff

We also provide Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection services for outbreaks or covid-prevention.

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