Deep Floor Scrubbing & Floor Care

Put Your Cleaning On Autopilot

Deep Floor Scrubbing & Floor Care

Deep cleaning floors require specialized knowledge, commercial-grade machinery, and training in order to successfully revive tired floors and make a great impression. Don’t leave it to some guy with a mop and bucket. Enlist professional help today to get the result you deserve.

We’re here to help

We have intimate knowledge of the unique ph tolerances, chemical compatibility, and effective commercial cleaning processes for each floor type.

We utilize highly specialized cleaning machines and equipment that deliver outstanding cleaning results.

Our cleaners are trained experts in commercial deep cleaning and floor care methods.

We Can Handle Any Floor

We offer professional cleaning services for all your floor cleaning needs:

Vinyl / Lino / Tiles / Marble / Concrete / Rubber – You name it, we can clean it.

We Provide A Little Extra When You Need It

  • Covid cleaning & disinfection services
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance services
  • Sanitary bin waste removal
  • Carpet extraction services
  • Window cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • And more

Are your floors looking tired and in need of some professional help? We’re your cleaners.

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