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Brisbane Wide Cleaning services offer hygienic, safe, and cost-effective solutions to Aged care cleaning in brisbane. The compassionate team at Brisbane Wide Cleaning goes above and beyond ensuring that our cleaners are not only well-trained in best practices for aged care cleaning but also highly experienced in specialised cleaning services such as discharge, and palliative care cleaning. Ensuring staff and clientele the ability to have an enjoyable experience, and increasing clientele satisfaction, all while limiting accident and injury.

Attention to detail, Safety, and Cleanliness are best practice in any aged care facility. Brisbane Wide Cleaning offers cost-effective and consistent aged care cleaning solutions; With absolute focus on health and safety, Brisbane Wide Cleaning maintains and sanitises workspaces to provide a safe and sanitary environment for clients and the Health & Medical professionals that use them.

The compassionate team at Brisbane Wide Cleaning has set robust standards in conducting comprehensive aged care cleaning services. Employing the most rigorous standards in hygiene, and sanitation. Handling the almost religious nature of daily tasks, such as the cleaning of floors and furniture. Maintaining vital nursing channels, clientele living spaces, and sleeping rooms; As well as conducting sanitation of restrooms, kitchens and communal areas. Providing a safe and sanitary environment for clients and the Medical professionals that use them.

Consistently supplying affordable aged care cleaning services by deploying highly experienced cleaning contractors to the Brisbane Area; Our services are tailored specifically to each client’s unique requirements, based on compatibility and skill-set. Giving our clients the best person for the job, everytime!

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