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Our Mission

The ongoing frustration of dealing with cleaning companies that promise the world but never deliver is exhausting, we hate it too – that’s where we come in.

At Brisbane Wide Cleaning we’re committed to delivering an experience you’ll be delighted with.

Here’s how we’re different.

We Actually Communicate

It seems simple but sadly lacking all too often. Say no to emails that never get responded to, phone calls that are never returned, and corrections that are never made. At BWC you’ll have your own personal account manager who’ll not only answer your emails and calls but action things promptly.

We Deliver A Service That Satisfies

Unfortunately, average is the industry standard in cleaning but at Brisbane Wide Cleaning, we’re committed to providing value to our clients. We’re constantly utilizing innovations in cleaning methods and technology to improve the high standard of cleaning we provide you.

Sometimes a company will provide the goods… for a time. At Brisbane Wide Cleaning, you’ll find we’re in the business of providing consistent, excellent service. We have robust training and systems for ensuring our high standards are met consistently.

Our Cleaners Are Experts

Often much of the frustration you’ll experience with a company is the cleaners they employ, many of whom are undertrained, underequipped, and underwhelming. We understand that the right people are key in delivering an excellent cleaning service. We match the right person, with the right skills, to the right job. Scrutinous testing is performed for each cleaner prior to them joining the team, ensuring that our cleaner’s skills are of the highest standard, to meet Brisbane Wide Cleanings’ meticulous expectations.

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