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Why Do Our Clients Keep Coming Back?

Qualified Cleaners | Brisbane
Qualified Cleaners
  • Matching the right person, with the right skills, to the right job.
  • Scrutinous testing is performed for each cleaner prior to joining the team.
  • Ensuring that our cleaners skills are of the highest standard, to meet Brisbane Wide Cleanings meticulous expectations.
Qualified Cleaners | Brisbane
Qualified Cleaners
Pride in Perfection | Brisbane
Pride in Perfection
  • Holding our cleaners to thorough and well established compliance standards
  • Conducting spot checks and audits regularly, to ensure and maintain the high quality standards that Brisbane Wide Cleaning’s valued clients have come to expect.
Pride in Perfection | Brisbane
Pride in Perfection
Excellent Communication | Brisbane
Excellent Communication
  • Assigning transparent and honest account managers to each valued client guarantees ease of communication.
  • Our Account managers will liaise with clients, whether it's a one-off clean or a long-term contract, with the level of care and consideration that Brisbane Wide Cleaning is so well known for.
  • Seperate lines of communication exist between cleaners and your appointed liaison manager to ensure satisfaction and provide open lines of communication if satisfaction concerns were ever raised.
Excellent Communication | Brisbane
Excellent Communication
The Expected Results | Brisbane
The Expected Results
  • Brisbane Wide Cleaning firmly believes in providing the most value to the client, while maintaining competitive prices compared to other cleaning services.
  • Providing the same level of consistency from the first time clean, everytime!
  • Our commitment to utilising innovation keeps the cleaning services offered at Brisbane Wide Cleaners focused on the consistent improvement of our services for the client.
The Expected Results | Brisbane
The Expected Results
Commercial Cleaning Services | East Brisbane | Brisbane Wide Cleaning

Brisbane Wide Cleaning

Brisbane Based Cleaning Service Contractors

The team of Brisbane based cleaning service contractors at Brisbane Wide Cleaning, endeavours to consistently deliver efficient, and quality cleaning services with highly experienced, certified cleaning contractors; Tailored specifically to each client's unique requirements, based on compatibility and skill-set. Giving our clients the right person for the job, everytime!

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Office Cleaning | Brisbane

Office Cleaning

Health & Fitness Centre Cleaning | Brisbane

Health & Fitness Centre Cleaning

Vet & Pet Hotel Cleaning | Brisbane

Vet & Pet Hotel Cleaning

Specialist Floor Cleaning | Brisbane

Specialist Floor Cleaning

Health & Medical Cleaning | Brisbane

Health & Medical Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Child Care Centre Cleaning | Brisbane

Child Care Centre Cleaning

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Retail Cleaning

Aged Care/Retirement Centre Cleaning | Brisbane

Aged Care/Retirement Centre Cleaning

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Government Cleaning

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School Cleaning

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